New plant in Mexico already launched

The construction of a new plant in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico has taken six months since the decision about choosing the location, industrial park and developer was made in December 2014.

The works, started in January 2015 by LINTEL Company on a greenfield in Puerto Interior Industrial Park, were finished at the end of June 2015 – in accordance with the established deadline and specification.

Currently, Maflow has finalized the contracts of electrical and internet connections and it is on the final stage of completing the building industrialization. The machines are to be installed for Audi Q5 assembly line as well as the first validation tests and personnel trainings are to be conducted in the newly established plant by the middle of August 2015.

In the next stage, the group of specialists from the Headquarters in Tychy will support the Mexican team within the scope of automotive standards implementation, projects status monitoring and staff trainings. Thanks to that, in the middle of November 2015, the plant will be ready for the audits verifying the compliance with VDA 6.3 requirements and ISO TS main assumptions, which are to be conducted by Audi.     

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